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Teacher or Lecturer

Those involved in education have a particularly important role in making pupils and students aware of the dangers of cultic involvement. Browse our articles and subscribe to FAIR News to see how schools and universities have been targetted by cults over the years.

Pupils and students, children and young adults, are especially vulnerable to manipulation and recruitment by cults, partly because they are more impressionable, but also because pupils and students are away from home, and the attention of their parents: in the case of universities this can be for long periods. Often the only authority to watch over them at these times are educational staff.

Cults often try to manipulate children and young adults at schools or universities in societies or groups, or extra–curricular sessions. They will often use other young people whom they have already brought under their sway to recruit their peers, or use internet resources, or leaflets.

Sometimes, cults will try to manipulate teachers or lecturers themselves, and there are cases when educational staff have been approached by cults, often using a front group which conceals the group's identity and agenda, in order that the doctrine (presented as management courses, for example) can be inflicted on your colleagues.

Watch for sudden changes in behaviour, either in your students or colleagues.

Schools, colleges and universities make ideal places for cults to spread their doctrine, manipulate and recruit, because they are places which rely on trust and learning, and are when people (whether teachers or students) are most receptive to ideas.