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If you are a pupil at school or a student at university, you should be aware that dangerous cults deliberately target you and those like you. They like to recruit young and intelligent people to their ranks because young, intelligent and energetic people are obviously more useful to cults than more apathetic and less intelligent individuals.

You are not immune to the psychological techniques employed by some manipulative cults. Nobody is. Intelligent and strong individuals are every bit as vulnerable as their less gifted counterparts. Even highly cynical and suspicious people are recruited by the more sophisticated groups.

Check FAIR News & Archive, and/or subscribe, so that you are more familiar with the activities of a particular group, or cults more generally. It is better to be informed before someone inflicts a hard sell on you.

You are likely to be approached by friends or colleagues who have already been recruited by cults. Watch for changes of behaviour in those close to you. Recruiters will be under pressure to bring in new energy, labour and money to their cult. Remember that most groups are only interested in exploiting you for your time and money.

Watch out for pushy individuals, especially when they ask you for money or try to introduce new ideas or concepts to you. Recruitment techniques can be very sophisticated, and cult members can seem very friendly or persuasive.

Be wary of anyone who spends all of their time trying to persuade you of something, and if in doubt do some research on the internet, or in your library. Make sure to cast the net wide and deep. Some cults have persuaded academics to write favourably about them. Other cults have produced their own books, films and promotional material to make their case.