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Every parent should be aware of the dangers of cultic involvement, because families are on the front line and suffer hugely, sometimes being split up by the havoc wreaked by cults. Browse our articles and subscribe to FAIR News to see how children and young adults have been targetted by cults over the years.

Your children are especially vulnerable to manipulation and recruitment by cults because they are impressionable. It may be during teenage years when children begin to develop their own ideas and question those they have inherited from you. Cults take advantage of this. Also, your children are vulnerable as pupils and students when away from home, especially when at university. Often the only authority to watch over them at these times are educational staff.

Cults need to take children away from home in order to monopolise their time, money, labour and remove them from balanced and healthy relationships. Watch for sudden changes in behaviour, and remember to be patient with your child. Angry reactions, though natural, help no one. Even if they have become very unpleasant, it may be that they have been subjected to surprisingly subtle but traumatic indoctrination. Always think twice about giving your child any money if they are in a totalitarian cult.

Sometimes, cults will try to manipulate you as parents. They would rather recruit you or have you remain silent. Do not buy their story outright - check this website and elsewhere. Also be aware that in public relations many of these groups are slick operators who have bought academics and other apparently objective authorities.

Be thorough in your researches, and look for evidence to back any claims made to persuade you that everything is all right!