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One of the most important elements of FAIR News in the past, as well as now, was and is the inclusion of "news-round" material. This has always sourced articles from around the world's English-speaking press, and translated articles from other, non-English-speaking, press. The importance of grouping articles under the cult banner is very significant and unique, because it brings together and themes otherwise scattered material. It becomes clear through amassing these articles that the cult problem is not something which affects small numbers of people, but instead is a large social problem.

If you are working for a newspaper, radio station or television company and find what you suspect to be a dangerous cult, you may find FAIR News & Archive useful in showing the activities of a particular group, or cults more generally. If you consider the group to be harmless, perhaps some of the articles may surprise you.

Because totalitarian cults tend to use deception as part of their public relations, be wary of any information which you find produced by the group itself, or the apparently kind attention of its representatives, who are always interested and suspicious of a journalist carrying out research. Sometimes, cults have spies or their own investigative journalists whom they have bought or deceived, so it is always worth corroborating any sources, and watching for unwanted interference, either covert or overt. Some cults are capable of very nasty harassment. Be particularly careful in any undercover work you may carry out. Some investigative journalists, even critical ones, have fallen victim to the powerful, insidious indoctrination techniques of cults.